Do you have any queries? This section comprises the frequently asked questions about hire purchasing.

Sky Motor provides automotive hire purchase financing options to individuals for purchasing motorcycles

9.9% per annum (0.825% per month).

Applications for motorcycle financing with Sky Motor can be submitted through the company’s panel dealers, which include more than 100 appointed motorcycle merchants. Sky Motor does not accept any direct application from customer at the moment.

You can contact your dealer for any inquiries regarding your application.

If you wish to cancel your application, please get in touch with your dealer. Kindly note that a cancellation fee of RM300 will be imposed after the agreement has been issued.

We offer flexible installment tenures based on our customers’ preferences. For moped and superbike purchases, the installment tenures range from 12, 24, 36, 48 to a maximum of 60 months.

Sky Motor imposes a daily interest charge of 8% on the outstanding installment amount for late payments.

You may provide your Maybank account information, which Sky motor staff will then submit to Maybank to initiate auto-debit

Loan AmountAdmin Fees
RM5,000 – RM10,000RM500
RM10,001 – RM45,000RM800
ABOVE RM45,001RM1000