Hassle-free Motorcycle Financing Solutions

We offer the best financing solutions for individuals and businesses purchasing motorcycles in Malaysia. With over a decade of experience in the industry, the company provides flexible financing packages, fast processing times, and exceptional customer service. We offer customized financing plans tailored to our clients regardless of their preferences and financial situation. Sky Motor operates nationwide, and our team of experienced professionals is committed to transparency, honesty, and maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.


Motorcycle Financing Hire Purchase Allows Individuals to Purchase A Motorcycle and Pay by Installments Over Time.

Introducing the best match to unlock your motorcycle dreams – motorcycle financing! Say goodbye to waiting and hello to the open road. You can ride away on your dream bike without breaking the bank to engage with our motorcycle financing – no need for a hefty upfront payment. Only submit affordable monthly instalments tailored to your budget. It’s hassle-free, quick, and gets you on the saddle quickly! Besides, motorcycle financing can build your credit score, extended warranty options, and the freedom to explore future upgrades. And here’s the best part – at the end of the term, that motorcycle is officially YOURS! Don’t let finances hold you back; embrace the thrill of the ride with our hire-purchase motorcycle loan company. It’s time to make your motorcycle dreams a reality! Contact us now!

Fast & Easy

Fuss-free application process and receive fast approval within 48 hours.

Flexible Installment

Comes with 12 and up to 60 months with attractive and competitive monthly rates.

100+ Dealers Nationwide

We have over 100 dealers across Malaysia and expanding.


7 Easy Steps for Motorcycle Financing Hire Purchase


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